Monday, May 18, 2009

Thursdays in May With Loquat!

Meant to blog this one earlier, but this Thursday Mark Eitzel will be putting in a guest appearance at the "Thursdays in May With Loquat!" night at the Cafe Du Nord. Dunno what it will actually involve but Mark seems to be getting back in practice, possibly for a tour somewhen.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Another Record With Pete Buck?

Over on Pitchfork they ask Pete Buck from REM what he has been up to recently. He mentions Mark Eitzel and says they have some tracks that need finishing. It is not quite clear if this is new stuff or something left over from West, their album together. How do you read it?

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Animal Nights - Review

I think most people were there as it was a Brighton Fringe Festival show and it had a bloke from "East Enders" in. I was strange hearing the first couple of chords to Johnny Mathis without the polite ripple of applause that normally accompanies them. It is pretty much a big chunk of the play with a few local acts thrown in for variety. The Brunswick is a small place with a small bar at the back and a low stage at the front. Most of the action took place amongst the (seated at tables) crowd. Mark sang "Johnny Mathis" and "I left my heart in San Francisco" and a couple of numbers during the show. He was hamming it up a bit. They probably did half a dozen other tunes from the show. The band gave it a slightly "60 watt" sound with mute trumpet and the songs were a bit broader than his usual stuff but with a few recognisable elements (drinking, loneliness, etc). The play seems to be about a hotel on Brighton sea front and the relationship between the owner and his cleaner, who he loves but is off to college. A few guests and tourists make an appearance and it was funnier than I was expecting. It would be good to see Mark do them solo.

Still one more show to go, so get down there if you can.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Marine Parade UK Shows

According to Mark Eitzels Facebook he will be visiting the UK for a bit this week. It is all to do with Animal Nights, an attempt to drum up some publicity for his upcoming musical, Marine Parade. Says the Facebook post ...
"I am part of an event called Animal Nights as part of the Brighton Festival.
This is an unpaid atempt to get our musical off the ground. I may sing a couple
of songs but the focus is on the play. We are talking with Channel 4 to make a
film of it."

The Brunswick is a nice venue with a good reputation for Jazz, but isn't that big. Best get in quick.