Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Updated: Guest Appearances

Down the side now you will see that I have added a list of compilations and guest appearances that Mark Eitzel has made over the years. I have included links to the tracks, the CD or (in some cases) the only references I can find. There are still a few more to add but there are a few mentioned there I haven't seen anywhere else. The Mitchell Froom one sounds interesting from the two words you get in the sample clip.
Have I missed any others?


Anonymous said...

Great detective work - thanks for the link to Esopus in particular - never heard that one before and it's streamable on the site, though not immediately obvious.

Here's the Devon Shire proof

Plus a couple more:
Cane 141 - New Day Parade EP
The Shallows - Crooked Rain Ep (Eitzel plays guitar)
And of course there's Toiling Midgets' 'Son'.

ShaunP said...

Thanks. I have just ordered the Congo Norvell off ebay as it sounds quite intriguing.