Friday, February 05, 2010

On The Road again

It looks like Mark Eitzel is out on the road in Feb/March as the US support for The Magnetic Fields. It is more than likely solo shows and not the AMC as suggested.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Vic Chesnut- R.I.P.

I have been meaning to blog about the passing of Mr Chesnutt for a while now, as I was a fan. I had a few of his albums and had seen him half a dozen times, including once with the Undertow Orchestra. While life was never easy for him he seemed a fighter and as long as there was the promise of some weed at the end, he always put on a good show. The Undertow Orchestra gig was special as Mark and Vic and the others all played as each others backing band. The hi light for me was Vic singing "In My Way, Yes" with some beautiful harmonies behind him. As a new recording of them seems to have turned up now seemed a good time hear it again. Enjoy.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Mark Eitzel in May

It is a bit late to do anything about it now but Mark Eitzel has been added to the line up for the Pavement curated ATP festival in May (honestly). Unfortunately it sold out months ago.

The main reason Mark will be over here in May is that his musical Marin Parade will be premièring in the Brighton Festival down here on the south coast. For those of you interested in going the festival is split into the main festival and the fringe. The main festival programme comes out the end of Feb/beginning of march and the fringe one a bit later. Not sure which part the show will be in. I think it runs for the last two weeks in May.

Mark may also be doing a few solo shows while in between rehearsals during the start of the month.