Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New AMC Tracks?

A bit late posting this but according to Marks blog, he has stared demoing tracks for the new AMC album. they are titled as follows
  1. I Did Not Dig Your Grave
  2. You Can Walk Away
  3. In Your House
  4. I'm Not Waiting For Your Call
  5. Triumph
  6. Its Not Enough
  7. Destroy All Monsters
he says later on in the comments.
Yes the song (Destroy All Monsters) is about the band from Detroit.

I made these demo's for Vudi and Steve and for Merge. No one else will hear them as I'll rewrite the songs a few times before we start recording in August.

There are some plans to record with Mr. Buck - but I think he is rather busy - so I will wait until he has free time to do something. We sketched out some new songs earlier in the year and it would be cool to continue...

But I am happy to start figuring out the AMC record. The idea is to do a simple, minimal acoustic record and tour as a 3 or 4 piece..