Thursday, October 22, 2009

Brannan St CD Finally Available

Mark Eitzels other new album "Brannan St" is now available in the UK on Decor Records. I quote ...
The new tour/mail order only cd to accompany Mark's new release Klamath. The cd was recorded in San Francisco Sept 2009 and contains all new material including a few reworkings of songs from Klamath. Many of the songs are acoustic based demos with just Mark and his guitar. It is limited to 250 in the US
(available directly from Mark's new site soon) and 500 copies in the rest of the world available here Oct 21, 2009. The cd is in a PVC sleeve.

1.Friends (Instant Song)
2.There's Someone Waiting
4.Winners Always Win
5.It's Never Over
7.Ramblin' Man
8.Your Heart
10.Corny Spaceship Song

Only £10 so get it while its hot.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Misc Appearances

According to a Facebook group, there will be an interview with Mark Eitzel in the Octber issue of Acoustic Magazine. The Klamath should also be getting a feature in the next issue of Uncut magazine.

There is also some new YouTube footage from the current tour.

Monday, October 19, 2009 is up!

Marks Eitzels new website MarkEitzel.Info is now up and running and presumably taking US orders for the new album. It says it will be a personally autographed copy and it won't be available on iTunes.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Klamath - Review

Yep, I got my copy of Klamath from Mark at his Brighton show last night and have given it a couple of listens. What's it like, you are all wondering? Well, I have played it a couple of times and here are my initial impressions.

Stylistically it builds on albums like the "Invisible Man" and "Candy Ass" however it benefits from a couple of guest appearances and a much better use of Pro-Tools (or whatever it was recorded with). It is essentially an album of nine songs (bracketed by a nicely atmospheric intro and outro) and what should be a hidden bonus track at the end. I think at least one or two of the tracks are from the forthcoming musical "Marine Parade". The songs have the familiar rhythm track sounds from those albums but it is a lot more organic sounding these days. There are a couple of guitar numbers on there but there are just as many synthy ones.

Standout tracks are
The blood on my hands. Interesting one as it sounds like it is sung from a females perspective.
I miss you. Another Kathleen song?
I live in this place. One of the songs from the musical and about a prostitute looking back at their life.
Why I am bullshit. Typical Mark title. A song sung to someone he may have let down. A few San Francisco and religious images thrown in for good measure.
Remember. A nice slow one.
Ronald koal was a rock star. The token upbeat rocker all about his meeting with the singer(?) Ronald koal years ago.
Buried Treasure and Antennas. These are the moody instrumental intro and outro. They work quite well and don't break up the flow of the album.

Guest appearances are by Marc Capelle, Franz Nicolay and Dave Douglas (not the trumpeter).

All in all, a good little album.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

European Tour Started

Anyone been yet? Should get a copy of Klamath (and the other tour CDs) tomorrow so will post a review Friday (with a bit of luck).