Thursday, October 22, 2009

Brannan St CD Finally Available

Mark Eitzels other new album "Brannan St" is now available in the UK on Decor Records. I quote ...
The new tour/mail order only cd to accompany Mark's new release Klamath. The cd was recorded in San Francisco Sept 2009 and contains all new material including a few reworkings of songs from Klamath. Many of the songs are acoustic based demos with just Mark and his guitar. It is limited to 250 in the US
(available directly from Mark's new site soon) and 500 copies in the rest of the world available here Oct 21, 2009. The cd is in a PVC sleeve.

1.Friends (Instant Song)
2.There's Someone Waiting
4.Winners Always Win
5.It's Never Over
7.Ramblin' Man
8.Your Heart
10.Corny Spaceship Song

Only £10 so get it while its hot.

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Anonymous said...

Listening to Klamath for the first time. Smoking pipe and beer at ready. On track 7.

It's gorgeous isn't it.

Von Pseud