Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Solo Album!

There is a new post on Marks blog that says that he has a new solo acoustic album in the works.
I am making a record called 'The Bill Is Due'. It is taking a while because I keeping writing new songs for it - and throwing old songs away. So far there are 13. I think it is great. I am proud. My plan is to make an acoustic album. Just guitar and vocal. Maybe one other instrument or a backing vocal. I know the world needs another 'acoustic' record like it needs a hole in the head - but I listen to a lot of random stuff and most of it is noise. Remember the signal to noise ratio? I want to be all signal. I am working with the engineer who shares the space where I work. His name is Ron Macleod and he is very decent and kind. He leaves me alone mostly - he sets up fancy mics and and lets me go.
I don't have a record label for this yet though I have a couple of ideas. I know that what people want is an AMC record - and so do I - but honestly I have to make some money now and this is the only way I know.

Are we looking forward to it?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Danny Pearson at Make Out Room

It looks like Danny Pearson is doing a support slot at the Make Out Room in SF on Sunday the 30th Jan.