Thursday, June 28, 2007

Another California Review

Here is another review of the classic American Music Club album California. It seems to be the critics choice as it has a nice selection of sounds and lyrics to anlyse. Having said that, I was raised on the CD version which came with the "United Kingdom" album tacked on the end as bonus tracks. The two are merged into one for me. It's only now I have my iPod that I have separated them out. This review is by Tony Heyward at the HighwayFive music blog. Tony is a regular contributor to the FireFly mailing list.

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Anonymous said...

I Think I read somewhere that the old AMC albums (including California) were due to be re-released on CD soon.

I may have dreamt this but it'd sure be nice to get a remastered CD version of this album. Anyone know if there are plans for this?