Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Musical Differences???

In shock news it seems that the American Music Club are down to a duo consisting of Mark Eitzel and Vudi. The official word is that the band will be based in LA from now on and as Danny (Pearson) and Tim (Mooney?) have families they won't be able to make the commute from SF. Presumably Vudi has given up his job on the bus' to go full time now.

However, the unofficial word in a posting from Danny on the Firefly mailing list is that;

"tim and i never left amc, we were not invited to continue! I WOULD JUST LIKE IT ON THE RECORD THAT I HAD NEVER THOUGHT OF NOT PLAYING IN AMC, I DID NOT QUIT. danny pearson"

So there you go. It cold be San Francisco all over again. For me Danny has always been as much of the Club as Vudi or Mark.

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