Sunday, July 08, 2007

Message From Mark

As noted by Kyle on the Firefly mailing list, Mark has posted a message up on his MySpace page regarding the new incarnation of the band.

Message from Mark Eitzel

it has come to my attention that there is some major controversy
surrounding the 'new' band members of amc.

how do i say this... it was my and vudi's decision not to work with
tim and danny. i think they are great musicians and people but a lot
about making music has to do with enthusiasm. frankly they hadn't even
spoken to me for about 6 months before we decided to move on. there
was some money problem and tim would not return my calls. danny
disappears into the woods every once in a while and would not return
my calls. it was like pulling teeth.

vudi and i had started working on arrangements in la and he found
steve and sean to play bass and drums. the three of them made me feel
excited about making this record - and i kept thinking - this is a
great band.

we wanted to call this collection of people something else than amc
but i couldn't find anyone who would release the record with a new
name. we are known in some circles but not to the world at large and
the gesture of using a new name would have fallen flat. no one would
care if we didn't use a name they never heard of before.

i am sure that a lot of long time fans will resent this and to them i
am sorry - but - i wanted this record to be a 'band' record - not a
record that you have to edit together. i mean it is hard to have a
band that lives in different cities. i wanted vudi to be front and
center - not someone who flies up every other week to work. honestly
it killed me to make this decision.

the new album "the golden age" is intended to sound like a classic
amc record - much like 'california' and so far i am really proud. i
hope the fans will hold their noses and check it out.



I think the gist is that he wanted to make a new album, the record companies said it had to be another American Music Club one otherwise it wouldn't sell so well. It seems he has "issues" with Danny and Tim and as Vudi lives in LA it seems sensible to move the "band" there. On the plus side the new album "The Golden Age" is supposed to be a return to the golden age of albums like California.

Do you think it matters what the new band is called or who is in it? Would you skip the new album just because it didn't have the original line up or will you but anything that comes out with Marks name on it? Let us know.


Beau said...

Surely it's a bummer that Tim & Danny are not involved anymore. But the real test is whether or not the upcoming album is good. Since "Patriots" was such a great album I will certainly buy this new one and just cross my fingers. Hopefully we will hear some rough mix MP3's to get an idea of how it's going.

The CIS One said...

Would the Beatles have been any good if George and Ringo hadn't been part of the band? Yes. Because the creative dynamo of the Beatles would have been intact. Same with AMC. The simple truth is that Mark is what makes a good band a great band. You couldn't have AMC without Mark, but not so the others. So this new record will be different, but it will not be any the worse for it. There's nothing to fear. If you have caught Mark's latest solo shows you will know that there are some great new songs on the way.

Myke Weiskopf said...

Quite frankly, I think Eitzel is writing the best material of his life, his singing is at an all-time high, and with all due respect, I've enjoyed his solo records better than most of AMC's output. Eitzel should have the pick of the universe as far as who he chooses to collaborate with, and while I think the use of the AMC name is a bit bizarre, I unfortunately understand where he's at with the labels. As long as Eitzel continues to make records in any incarnation, my world will spin happily.