Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Holiday Destinations

If you are looking for somewhere different to go on holiday this year then here are a few places to try.
Myopic Books.
This is a bookstore in Chicago where as legend has it the staff are "super skinny and they play Dinosaur Jr".
Mission Rock
"Lets have a drink at the Mission rock ...". Well, you won't be alone as its one of the more popular restaurants in San Francisco.
Sacre Coeur
Well worth a visit if you ever go to Paris. You get a lovely view of the city from there. Messiaen on the walkman is entirely optional.
Southend On Sea
One of the UKs finest holiday resorts. Not! Seems Mark had a really bad experience there judging by the song.
Hotel Utah
San Francisco venue where some of the live tracks on United Kingdom were recorded.
Make Out Room
Another venue song though this one never got officially released.
Bernal Heights
There was a "Memo from Bernal Heights" on the b-side of one of the Mercury singles.

Finally, from what I gather, the Mission District was once a dodgy part of San Francisco but is now its equivalent to Camden/Greenwich Village. Here is a nice tour round the area by Marc Capelle, the trumpet player on 60 Watt.

Have I missed anywhere?


Anonymous said...

I ate breakfast one time at a place called the Royal Cafe in San Francisco. I wish I hadn't. I now associate a great song with overpriced, mediocre food in a faux retro setting. Maybe it wasn't the same place. I hope not.

ShaunP said...

I think you are ok. The song mentions something about being outside Memphis so I always assumed it was Elvis related in some way.
Memphis -> Elvis -> The King -> Royal Cafe.

Anonymous said...

There is also a Royal Cafe in Columbus, OH. Wasn't Mark born in (or near) Columbus?

Erin said...

I think I recall Chanel No. 5 being written about the corner of Hyde & Leavenworth. If you go there, you're still fairly likely to see some ladies of the night, quite possibly transgendered, tryin' to "show they've got some pride..."

Forensic said...

You are right about Southend - it's one of those English seaside resorts which has seen better days (if it ever had any...). Only go here if you want to get drunk and have a fight...