Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Recording - Mark Eitzel: 2007-04-27, Copenhagen

According to a posting at LargeHeartedBoy the is a recording of Mark Eitzel from the 2007-04-27 show in Copenhagen. It is in Flac format and you need membership of dimeadozen to access it.

Please note that there is a poll in the sidebar on the left where you can now vote for your favourite American Music Club album. Have a quick click and make your vote count.

I have also moved the list of guest appearances into its original post which you can access through the link on the left.

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ked dennedy said...

I've found this blog somewhat after the lord mayor's parade has bolted; don't suppose you have the copenhagen, german etc gigs available? Of course I have the usual problem with dimeadozen too.
Good to know someone is keeping the AMC faith alive.