Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Album On-Line? *Update*

According to a comment in one of my other posts ...

"The entire new album can be streamed at http://www.imeem.com/ (for free). This might be a mistake so might not be up for long -- sounds great! Not at all upbeat though like they said--sad, moody, and very AMC."

Had a quick look and couldn't see anything but then again I am not a member. Can anyone else see it?

**Update 1**
The whole album is here.

Back to one track now. :(


Paul said...

Works for me. Had to register, but not difficult. Listening now, and liking it.

Immediate thought; The Sleeping Beauty is not as good as Sleeping Beauty on Candy Ass (one of my fave Eitzel songs). Yes, it's the same song, but reworked/rearranged for AMC. Why the additional 'The'.

Live update: All My Love is gorgeous... I'm welling up!

Paul said...

After first listen to Golden Age, I really don't agree with the whole moody thing people are giving.

I mean we're talking about Eitzel here, so it's bound to be on the dark side, but it's lighter/more beautiful than a lot of stuff I've heard from him recently.

It's also f*****g good.

Paul said...

It's a stunner.

Imeem not that friendly, very single track orientated. I've created a playlist for the album, hope the link works:


I'll try and post a more considered review some time later this week.

Anonymous said...

It sounds beautiful! Thanks for posting the playlist.