Monday, September 29, 2008

Two New Tour Cds Available

The two new tour cds are available now (in Europe) to mailorder from Decor Records as well as 3 different shirts new for 2008. The US will have stock of these two tour cds within a 3-6 weeks.

The tour cds are Everclear sessions from late 1990 and Mercury demos for Virgin/Warners from 1992. Both come with a printed cover in a PVC slipcase.

Mercury is limited to 700 and Everclear is limited to 600, of these Decor will have roughly 300 of Mercury to sell and 225 of Everclear. The US 150 of Mercury and 125 of Everclear. The band took 250 of each on the road with them for the tour.


Barton said...

Please post as soon as the CDs are available in North America!

Anonymous said...

I second that...I'd love the heads up.

Thanks for the blog!