Thursday, January 08, 2009

Mark Eitzel On-Line

It seems that Mark has gone and got himself a blog. It looks a lot like ramblings about life, the universe and everyting as you would expect from his blog. The first entry is interesting though.

I guess I could talk about my career in music - though that is something I usually prefer to forget. People are much more interested than i am, actually. In 2008 AMC toured for about 6 months. I was in London for 2 months working on the play I am doing called Marine Parade. I also spent a couple of months in LA thanks to the generosity of my friend Chris Buck who lets me stay in his place. I wasn’t home a lot and I am very happy now to be in San Francisco which I love no matter how much i complain about it. I guess AMC wont do anything until late next year. I am writing a solo record tentatively called “The Old Queer On The Hill” and after that I am going to finish writing the AMC record. The solo record is going to be quiet acoustic songs and the AMC record will be songs that it is fun to play live. At least that is my plan.

So it looks like one new solo record this year and probably a new AMC one next year. Hopefully he will be touring the solo album.

As well as the Band Myspace, Band Web Site and Solo Web Site Mark is also on Facebook. He added me as a friend before xmas and seems to have embraced the whole interactivity of it all. Still, there is only one place to come for all the latest information. ;)

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