Thursday, November 26, 2009

More Reviews

Here are some more reviews of the album, tour and even the bootleg.

The forum seems to be slowly taking off. I am still planning on writing a decent review of Klamath at some point. Unless anyone else want to have a go?


Martin Thornton said...

very good review in yorkshire evening post regarding klamath
(Album of the year) will forward if this post works

Martin Thornton said...

Folowing is a review of the album
Taken from the Yorkshire Evening Post Musicscene (Janne Oinonen)
Thursday 31 December 2009.

"Album of the year"

hushed low-key and humble, Mark Eitzel Klamath slipped out without much fanfare. A shame-invest enough time for its late night ambience-think of the best bits of late period John Martyn-to spark up fully, and klamath has something much more substantial to offer than the kind of pyrotechnics-fuelled pap that keeps grabbing the headlines. shorn of the rock dynamics of Eitzel much acclaimed day job band American Music Club, the San francisco-based songwriter's trademark gloom has bloomed into warmth, wisdom and wit, resulting in the most consistently stunning album of his long and storied journey in the cult margins of American music.(end of review)

Having seen Mark Eitzel in November this year at the Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, he was amazing and I honestly thought/felt he was the best individual live act i have seen in over 35 years the only ones to come anywhere near are Arthur Lee's (Love), American Music Club, Richmond fontaine. the Pogues, Red House Painters, Christy Moore Roger Waters, Will Oldham.

Just a little point regarding the review the description "gloom" i would replace with life.