Friday, May 14, 2010

New Bruce Kaphan Album

Feeling a bit nostalgic? Then pop over to Bruce Kaphans website and check out the page for his new album Hybrid. Like his first solo album Slider, its an all instrumental affair but listening to the clips of the tunes, you can't help but think back to his contribution to Everclear. The slides and the twangs take you back to the last time they really sounded alt-country. It is released the 1st June and can be brought from his website for $15.

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Mike Errico said...

The pedal steel is a dangerous thing, which is why it's one of my favorites. To many, it's a one-way trip to Nashville, and its rep as "the rural synthesizer" is earned, mostly by the way people choose to approach it.

Bruce is playing on my record, thanks to records like Everclear, which you mentioned, but also Mercury.

He's amazing, as is his new record. More on Bruce: