Monday, February 18, 2008

Apology For An Accident

From Chris at the bands management.

"Dingwalls was the first time the band has played London without their own sound man which was a big mistake. It was probably the worst sound I have ever heard at an AMC show in 18 years. Mark and Steve also had very evil stomach bugs that kept them busy before, during and after the show with the bog...not a pretty site. So apologies all around.

Ask people who went to Brussels last night and they can tell you a different story, the venue had great sound and was broadcast on Radio1 there, I can't seem to find the link to it on their site but should have some more information next week here.

The Hamburg concert will be broadcast on NDR and Berlin will bebroadcast on Radio Eines."

Links to the concerts when they come on line.


Paul said...

Well it's funny how people hear different things! I commented under the Brighton review on this blog how I thought the sound at Dingwalls was better than at C2.

Plus I think Mark on the night made a comment about the sound being good.

No apologies needed I think, it was a good gig!

Anonymous said...

The sound at the Brussels gig, on the other hand, wasn't that super. (great show, though, and the sound went better as the show went along)