Sunday, February 03, 2008

Galway Set List

The European tour is now under way and the first repors are coming in. The set list for the Galway show was ...

Johnny Mathis' Feet (Mark Acoustic/Vudi Electric)
Blue and Grey Shirt
Who You Are
Sleeping Beauty
Windows of the world
The Revolving Door
Western Sky
I know that's not really you
Another Morning
Decibels and The Little Pills
Hello Amsterdam
Wish the world away
Jesus Hands (Mark + Vudi)

So that's a bunch of new songs, a couple from the last album and some old faves. No Patriots Heart or Firefly? More from San Fran than Mercury?

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Paul said...

I've got to say that looks like an awesome set list. Best songs from the albums plus some great old faves. Will Eitzel do his 'Robbie Williams' version of Johnny Mathis' Feet? Pity there's no room for Last Harbour, but Blue & Grey Shirt makes up for that.